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In 2003 starting at Mountain Meadows Church of God in Ooltewah in one building with 34 people, the Lord began to multiply. Plans for the gym were drafted to give the congregation a fellowship space but was repurposed as a sanctuary space and opened for multiple services after an explosion of growth. Even then, Pastor Kevin would declare lack is not our problem. Our community was being blessed time and time again with food and clothing ministries, Thanksgiving boxes and the beginning of the Magi Project.
Pastor Deven birthed The Zion Project to rescue girls from human trafficking locally and internationally. Families and new converts continued to make Mountain Meadows their home. 2010 was a banner year: the Lord lead us to change our name to share our vision: to be the most loving church in America. We became Redemption Point Church. We added the final building with a state-of-the-art children’s facility to the Ooltewah campus, and added our first downtown campus at 4th Avenue and soon transferred to East Lake.

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7 Minutes

7 Minutes

Do you feel like giving up on your dreams, hopes, or even life itself? In this special tag-team sermon, six RTTN pastors each speak for 7 minutes about how God will finish the work He has begun in you. When the going gets tough and you feel like God is nowhere in the picture, know that He is always with you. God has already won the victory. Don't give up, instead, be obedient to God and worship your way to your victory.



We were all born tainted and contaminated with a disease called sin. You cannot get deliverance and freedom from sin without being madly in love with Yahweh. In Exodus, God freed the Israelites from bondage so that they could worship Him and move forward into what God had promised. They did not know all the answers, but they trusted God to lead them. In this message, Pastor Kevin Wallace compares the Israelites coming out of bondage to when we leave sin behind. Sin keeps us from fulfilling the purpose God has for our lives, just as Egypt burdened Israel in the Old Testament. It's time to stop looking back and begin moving forward.

Ghost Hunters: Part 3

Ghost Hunters: Part 3

God's ability to make a promise is different than ours. We tend to forget what we said we would do within minutes of making the promise. God always makes His word come to pass. In the final installment of the Ghost Stories series, Pastor Kevin Wallace shows how God fulfilled the promise of the Holy Spirit that He first introduced in the Old Testament.

I love serving because I have the ministry of help. I love God’s people. I want to be a part of the most loving church in the world.

Nichole Carter

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“All that it takes

for God is just one.”

If he can find one David, he’ll kill Goliath.

If He can find one Noah, He’ll build an ark.

He just needs one to stand.

Kevin Wallace

Senior Pastor